Sarah Ross sross <@t> agh.org
Tue Nov 11 11:17:11 CST 2008

We currently use Cerner and will be going live with Meditech client server on March 1st.  Can any help me with setting up the dictionaries in Meditech for paps so we can print all of the high grades, atypical squamous cells, negatives, etc.  In Cerner, all of our gyn alpha responses have a diagnostic category assigned to them (i.e. atypical squamous cells, atypical glandular cells, high grade SIL, etc) and also a case flag type (i.e. abnormal, normal, atypical, and unsatisfactory).  Is this done in the prompt dictionary?  Marker dictionary?  Any screen shots/help would be greatly appreciated.
Sarah Ross
Pathology Dept
Alpena Regional Medical Center
sross <@t> agh.org

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