[Histonet] lipid preservation in paraffin and mineralization of tissues?

Nicole Collette collette2 <@t> mail.llnl.gov
Mon Nov 10 11:22:46 CST 2008

Hello, All,

I am a postdoc with a couple of self-taught years 
of histology experience. I an about to attempt a 
protocol for preservation of lipid for paraffin 
sectioning as per

Virchows Arch (2004) 445:22-26
Richard E. Tracy · Parvene Walia
Lipid fixation for fat staining in paraffin sections applied
to lesions of atherosclerosis


A method to fix lipids for staining fat embolism
in paraffin sections
R E Tracy & P Walia
Histopathology 2002, 41, 75-79

My question is whether a day at 2% chromic acid 
(24 h at 4 degrees C) is likely to decalcify the 
soft tissues? We are trying to look at 
atherosclerotic lesions including lipids (Oil Red 
O) and calcium deposits (von Kossa stain)  in 
heart, liver, and kidney. Has anyone been able to 
perform RNA in situ or IHC on these samples after 
this type of processing? We do not have access to 
a cryostat. If anyone has tried this protocol 
with (or without) success, I'd be grateful for 
the advice.

Thanks in advance,
Nicole Collette

collette2 <@t> llnl.gov

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