[Histonet] Trichrome Question

John Kiernan jkiernan <@t> uwo.ca
Mon Nov 10 01:05:37 CST 2008

   Dear  Angela Fogg,<BR>&nbsp;<BR>It is&nbsp;difficult
   to   Gomori'   published&nbsp;   20:      662-664      (1950)?   Kiernan<BR>Anatomy, UWO<BR>Lon   =<BR>-----     Original     Message    -----<B   ANGELAFOGG <@t> aol.com<BR>Date: Saturday, November 8   10:03<BR>Subject:   Re:   [Histonet]  Trichrome  Questi   on<BR>To:            jkiernan <@t> uwo.ca<BR><BR>&gt;
   <BR>&g   <BR>&gt;            6.00.6000.16735"   name=GENERATOR>   <TABLE>     <TBODY>     <TR>     <TD    id=role_body
   style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #00000   Arial"       rightMargin="7"       topMargin="7"      l   eftMargin="7"      bottomMargin="7">      <P><FONT
   id=role_document     face=Arial    color=#000000    size=   2><BR>&gt; Thanks for responding.&nbsp; Fixed in 10%
   f   alcoh   <BR>&gt;   Surgipath.  Cut  at  5  microns    Richard     Allan's    Chromaview    Stain    ki   Trichrome.&nbsp; Used the <BR>&gt; above meth   routine  Trichrome  controls  and  all  the muscle stained red as <   BR>&gt;  they are supposed to be.&nbsp; That's why I put
   ou   the  mu   has <BR>   well.</P><BR>&gt;  Thought ma   formalin  had  something  to  do  with  the  <BR>   staining.&nbsp;  Maybe longer than an hour in Bouin'   continuing   the  <BR>&gt;  Trichrome  would  help?<BR>   <BR>&gt;  Await your thoughts and info<BR><BR>&gt;
   Re   &nbsp;<   dated  11/8/2008  2:   <BR>&gt; jkiernan <@t> uw   writes:<BR><BR>&gt;               style="PADDING-LEFT:    5px;    MARGIN-LEFT:    5px;   BO   RDER-LEFT: blue 2px solid"><FONT
   style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:        color=#000000   size=2>Which   <BR>&   method?   What   kind   of   section   (frozen,   paraffin,  pl   astic?)<BR>&gt;   Any   <BR>&gt;   post-fixation  in
   somethin   <BR>&gt;  <BR>   and  you  will get lots of advic   &nbsp;<BR>&gt;    Weeks    in   "prolonged"    fixation   unless   the   <BR>&gt;   <BR>&gt;  are  numerous  enough  to make years. As a genera   lity,  trichrome  <BR>&gt;  methods  <BR>&gt; do not
   work     formaldeh   Postfixation  of  th   Bouin  <BR>&gt;  is     picric   acid   us   <BR>&gt;   jus   are<BR>&gt;  published  reports  that iodine and   <BR>&gt;   buffer  will  improve  trichrome<BR>&g   staining of paraffin sections of <BR>&gt; formaldehyde-fixe   tissue.  See Yu &amp; <BR>&gt; Chapman 2003 <EM>J.
      <STRONG>26</STRONG>(2)   <BR>&gt;              &nbsp;<BR>&gt   "Trichrome"&nbsp;has  been&nbsp;applied to several staini   ng  <BR>&gt;  techniques that use two <BR>&gt; or more
   dye   trichrome    met   phosphomolybdic  or  phosphotun   to  <BR>&gt;  enable  the  sta   cytoplasm  by  <BR>&gt;  anionic  dye   <BR>&gt;   contrasting   colours:   blue   or     <BR>&gt;  collagen,  and red for cytoplasm<BR>&g   (including  smooth  &amp; striated muscle). A <BR>&gt;    third  anionic  dye,  typically yellow <BR>&gt; or orange,
   may      Instructions  for <   all   <BR>&gt;   tex   and<BR>&gt;        histotechnology.   &nbsp;<BR>&gt;      John      <BR>&gt;      Kiern   an<BR>&gt;     Anatomy,     UWO<BR>&gt;    London,
   Canada<BR>   Message     <BR>&g   angelafogg <@t> aol.com<BR>&gt;   7,   2008   <BR>&gt;  20:17<BR>&   [Histonet]      Trichrome      Question<BR>&gt;     To:   <BR>&gt;
   histonet <@t> lists.utsouthwestern.edu<BR>&gt;   <BR>&gt;   &gt;   <BR>&gt;  &gt;  Performed  a
   trichro   <BR>&   <BR>&gt;  Muscle  st   &gt;     red.?What    happened?   <BR>&gt; fixation react this way?<BR>&   Hope   someone   can   shed   some  light  on  <BR>&gt;  this   .<BR>&gt;   &gt;   Regards,<BR>&gt;   &gt;
   Angela<   ___________   _______________________   5F   Histonet  m   Histonet <@t> lists.   <BR>&gt; http://   lists.utsouthwestern.edu/mailman/listinfo/histonet<BR>&gt;

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