[Histonet] 200 proof ethanol

Breeden, Sara sbreeden <@t> nmda.nmsu.edu
Fri Nov 7 13:39:52 CST 2008

I remember in the Olde Days (1971-76 or so) we got our ethanol in 50
gallon drums and it was my job to color the alcohol with something pink
so it would be "recognized".  Don't remember what the "pink" stuff was
and I'm sure there was a reason for coloring it but I was young and
didn't think I needed to know that, apparently.  I did that, as I
remember, after gathering eggs from the chicken house for the albumen
and fighting the bees off for the wax... nah! - I'm not THAT old!  I do
remember round snap cassettes and L-shaped molds and sharpening knives
on a glass plate.. maybe it's time for me to retire.  Come to think of
it - my ASCP certificate tells me that on March 7, 2009, I will have
been practicing histology for FORTY years.  Maybe I do remember the wax
and chickens... And maybe I need to keep practicing!  That's my Friday
Fume for this L-O-N-G very interesting week in the world... adios.


Sally Breeden, HT(ASCP)

NM Dept. of Agriculture

Veterinary Diagnostic Services

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