[Histonet] Equipment available to my lab... but what are they?

GT Hebert emerald_lake77 <@t> yahoo.com
Thu Nov 6 11:36:20 CST 2008

Thank you all for your insightful and helpful information.


The VT1000E is a vibrating microtome. It is used to cut fresh brain tissue.
The specimen is usually remove and place on the microtome on a special
disc. The disc sits in a buffer tray that has chilled or room temp saline.
The unit has specific applications in neurology and is a vibrating blade
microtome, designed specifically to meet the highly sophisticated
sectioning requirements in the fields of neurophysiology, neuropathology
and experimental (brain) research and some industrial applications related
to structural analysis of foam and other very soft materials.

The SM2000R is a sliding microtome and can cut paraffin blocks or fresh
specimens surrounded in dry ice. The Leica SM2000 R sliding microtome with
low-maintenance cross-roller-bearing guide-ways is designed to section
paraffin-embedded samples in routine histopathology laboratories. The
SM2000 R can also be used for the specific industrial applications of foam
and wood sectioning. The easy-to-use knife holder is designed to
accommodate both standard knives and disposable blades. The instrument is
available fully equipped to meet most of today's sliding microtome
sectioning requirements and can be customized to meet more special


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