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Ditto on what Amos said. Histotechnology has been the ------ child of the laboratory forever. What other profession in medicine can you be on the street one day and the next be practicing histology in a lab? I've worked with people in the past that didn't know the difference between tissue and kleenex yet they were cutting sections in the lab and had name tags on saying they were histochnologists.

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   I don't mean to be the fly in the ointment here, but in the words of
Janet Jackson "What have you done for me lately?". It's a long standing joke
among sticker collectors that aside from the certification the sticker is
all you really get from the society.
   Where was the ASCP when NYS decided to pass that whacky law causing
histotechs basically to have to be medtechs? The legislation seemed to
actually take even them by surprise. There was little warning that this was
going to happen. The main school for histology (SUNY Cobleskill) actually
closed for a while after this.
   The proper thing for an advocate for histotechnology woule be to inform
the profession of upcoming changes. Help those affected, and certainly make
sure the educational requirements are fully lined up prior to the final
passage of the laws. That is if they were paying attention.
   Where was ASCP? Worrying about medtechs perhaps. To my eye ASCP has much
less interest in histotechnology (after certification) than histotechnology
has in the ASCP.

Just an observation,

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One of the benefits of ASCP membership is to support their efforts to fight
for the medical technology profession in local and national legislation.
With shortages, licensure, billing and all sorts of political issues that
affect our lives we need someone to be working for us.  CAP and CLIA does
not do much for HT's since they still do not even require that a certified
HT be doing the job. I get reports almost daily on what ASCP is doing for us
and I support it by paying my membership dues.
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