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One of the benefits of ASCP membership is to support their efforts to fight
for the medical technology profession in local and national legislation.
With shortages, licensure, billing and all sorts of political issues that
affect our lives we need someone to be working for us.  CAP and CLIA does
not do much for HT's since they still do not even require that a certified
HT be doing the job. I get reports almost daily on what ASCP is doing for us
and I support it by paying my membership dues.


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 Thanks for the many replies however my objective hasn't been addressed.

For the supervisors; My point is not to mislead and claim ASCP certification
without having it. My question is to assist in rationalizing cost.
Disregarding a credible applicant who doesn't see the financial investment
towards ASCP shouldn't be interpreted as not being serious about a field.
That ideology promotes "pay to play." It's a direct question towards ASCP
membership feedback and prejudice (pre-2004 certification).
As far as seriousness of the field, revert to my original objective
of understanding what my dues fund, what do I as a tech directly receive in
return, and why are older tech's exempt?

The truth is many techs employed in clinical labs who do not have
certification receive comparable salaries to those histotechs who study
hard, pass the HT exam, and pay ASCP dues. Where is the justification in
that? How does JACHO feel about that?

I pose a credible question of fairness and return investment. Cash is king
now and where I spend it is ever important.

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> If you were certified in 2004 or after you need to turn in 36 credit hours
> of continuing education in order to maintain your certification. You do
> need to be a member of ASCP to be certified, however you do get some free
> hours with your membership. My certification was in 85, so yes, I am one
> the old farts that is exempt. However, I have stayed current with my
> education. even in the years that I did not practice Histology.
> As a supervisor, I would not look at a resume that had an expired
> certification. Right or wrong I would assume that, the applicant did not
> take this field seriously enough by letting their certification lapse.
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> Really? I never pay to maintain HT certification. As far as I know theres
> ASCP membership fee, but you dont have to be a member to be certified. Am
> wrong here?
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> >>> "R C" <ruebenjcarter <@t> gmail.com> 11/3/2008 12:49 pm >>>
> Can someone assist me in rationalize the annual cost of maintining HT
> certification (roughly $100 annually) and its benefit? Point accumulation
> is
> generally low for classes you must pay for, and those who obtained
> certification prior to 2004 are exempt. Should one not pay the annual fee,
> certification is dropped Is this correct?). In that case, can one
> "HT" certification for future employment opportunities then, offer full
> explanation (and expired certification) during interview and that be
> sufficient?
> What I generally receive from ASCP is an annual bill and a random
> newsletter
> from time to time. Furthermore, when a bill isn't paid on time,
> the termingology in the subsequent bills become similar to that of a
> collection agency. Frankly, I find this mailing submission as well as
> and national meetings more informative.
> Someone please clarify something I might be missing and any benefits of
> "pay out."
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