[Histonet] ASCP HT maintenance fees

R C ruebenjcarter <@t> gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 11:49:13 CST 2008

Can someone assist me in rationalize the annual cost of maintining HT
certification (roughly $100 annually) and its benefit? Point accumulation is
generally low for classes you must pay for, and those who obtained
certification prior to 2004 are exempt. Should one not pay the annual fee,
certification is dropped Is this correct?). In that case, can one advertise
"HT" certification for future employment opportunities then, offer full
explanation (and expired certification) during interview and that be

What I generally receive from ASCP is an annual bill and a random newsletter
from time to time. Furthermore, when a bill isn't paid on time,
the termingology in the subsequent bills become similar to that of a
collection agency. Frankly, I find this mailing submission as well as state
and national meetings more informative.

Someone please clarify something I might be missing and any benefits of the
"pay out."

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