[Histonet] Hematoxylin Shortage

Mark Ray darkdaym <@t> comcast.net
Fri Mar 28 18:32:32 CDT 2008

Dear Histonetters,

My company distributes Hematoxylin Powder and manufactures Hematoxylin 
Solutions for Histology.  We have reliable information regarding the 
Hematoxylin shortage.  All the world's crude Hematoxylin had been 
produced by a plant in Campeche, Mexico which has closed.  One of the  
major producers of purified Hematoxylin is trying to take up the slack 
by importing Logwood logs and extracting the dye at its plant in another 
country.  Of course shipping whole logs is much more expensive than 
shipping crude Hematoxylin, so the cost of production has risen and less 
dye is being produced.   Be prepared for higher prices and shortages.  
It appears that crude Hematoxylin production will soon begin again in 
Campeche. This should lead to lower prices and increased supplies within 
about a year.

Mark Ray
E K Industries

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