[Histonet] Excelsior processor in Biotech/Pharma facilities

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Thu Mar 27 13:42:14 CDT 2008

Hi Tracy,
We have both VIP and Excelsior...I like them both, the Excelsior is 
easier to change reagents. Just attach a reagent bottle, instead of 
pouring the reagents into containers, the baskets are a little different 
though, they take a littlle to get used to.  I've processed all my 
tissues on both machines and I have not noticed a difference.  Rat paws 
ti small Lymph nodes....Demo the excelsior before you buy...You are all 
familar w/ VIP, so test drive the Excelsior!

Tracy Bergeron wrote:

>Hi folks,
>        We are looking into getting a new processor in our lab.  We are 
>trying to decide between the VIP and the Excelsior.  Several of us are 
>most familiar with the VIP, and like the ease of use and # of cassettes it 
>holds, the rest of our group though familiar with the VIP like the idea of 
>conserving reagents by using the Excelsior. 
>That said
>I am looking for information from the biotech/Pharma community on the 
>Is there anyone out there using this processor outside the clinical lab?
>Does it work well on rodent tissue?
>What about hard tissues?
>Paws (mouse and rat)
>My next question is for people familiar with the earlier models of the 
>Excelsior as well as the newest model. (clinical or research)
>I find the software for the older model very cumbersome and not user 
>Is the software on the newer machines any easier to use for the average 
>Is it as easy as using the VIP, or Pathcenter? - follow the prompts sort 
>of thing.
>I would appreciate any input folks have.
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