[Histonet] Reprocessing tissue

Dolores Townsend TownsendD <@t> childrensdayton.org
Tue Mar 25 07:35:21 CDT 2008

Well, actually...
Somewhere, somehow, a Scientist who was also a Histology Technician was
reprocessing tissue the way you do, through xylene and alcohol, when
(s)he looked at the cleaning cycle on the processor: xylene, than
alcohol. And (s)he thought: "Mmmm, I wonder..."
So (s)he tried it and it worked.
Than another Scientist, who happened to be a Histology Technician,
thought: "Is it really necessary to clear the tissue before reprocessing
And (s)he tried, and it worked. So they wrote a paper about it to let
everyone know...
No, Science is not dead. Someone had to come up with the automated
processor, and the vacuum, and the microwave staining and processing. I
am sure that the future will still show new improvements. But it's going
to be very hard to embed or cut or troubleshoot the staining without a
Histology Technician, who also has to be a Scientist.

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