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I've been following this thread for a few days and I thought I would inject
a bit of information from an instrument perspective.  Room temperature and
humidity can be extremely important factors when operating and maintaining
equipment, especially if the equipment is used at temperatures that are
higher or lower than typical air conditioned room temperatures  (remember
that many laboratories in other countries and a few in the U.S. don't enjoy
the luxury of air conditioning).  Most instruments have electronic
components, lubricants and other materials that have temperature and/or
humidity tolerances.  And, if you have ever used a refrigerated instrument
like a cryostat or low temperature freezer in a high humidity area, you
will know how quickly they develop frost, which might necessitate more
frequent or lengthy defrost cycles.  These environmental operating
considerations are very important in order to keep instrumentation
operating correctly throughout its expected life cycle.

I understand your frustration with all of the regulatory agencies that
demand your compliance (and I'm not defending them).  I'm just trying to
help with the possible logic behind this particular requirement.

Best wishes,

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I agree! What has room humidity got to do with anything in histology
including Mohs. It might affect peoples sensibilities when the inspector
arrives and hassles them about humidity!

I remember a CAP inspector berate our microbiology supervisor at a
meeting because he found one temperature log with a missing day out of a
whole year! We all knew our microbiology department was one of the best in
the state. The state had recently designated them as the primary TB testing
lab for the whole state!

Too bad there is not some review of requirements for thing like
certification of timers.

Thanks for listening to my 2 cents worth!

Best Regards,


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This whole thread really makes me wonder...does anyone have common sense
anymore?  Are these 'inspectors' just looking to ding the labs so that
they look better to their superiors?  Where is it going to stop?  Next
they'll want the temp ranges of the refrigerators each time the door is
opened.  What does the air temp and humidity really have to do with the
quality of the service being provided?  Do these minscule details make
one lab better than another?  I think not.  You can become so caught up
in these inspections that you make more mistakes regarding the patients'
details.  I think they are missing the point!   It is just another check
off on the list for the paper pushers.  I am really glad I do not work
in a hospital/ clinical setting.  To all my fellow histonetters in these
settings; my hat is off to you, for being able to perform your duties
well, and deal with all the BS surrounding inspections you deserve a lot
more than what the average salary is.
 I feel for you all!!!

Tom McNemar wrote:

>I had a JCAHO inspector tell me about 6  years ago that I should have the
temperature ranges on the charts but have never had anyone suggest the
operational humidity...
>Tom McNemar, HT(ASCP)
>Histology Co-ordinator
>Licking Memorial Health Systems
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>I think this is interesting because I am hearing more and more that CLIA
>inspectors are requiring these ranges on the chart. Is anyone else having
>CLIA inspectors ding them about operational humidity and temperature
>on temperature charts? Some CLIA inspectors require room temperatures to
>recorded as well. Everyone's input would be appreciated. Thanks.
>Mickie Johnson, B.S., HTL(ASCP)
>Mohs Histology Consulting Services, LLC
>  & Mohs Lab Staffing
>2507 S. Manito Blvd.
>Spokane, WA 99203
>FAX   509-624-3926
>We do this monitoring for flow cytometry, there is a question for temp and
>humidy for CAP so we record this daily, with a monitor that records the
>temp 3x's./ day and the humidity.  You can set the monitoring times for
>interval you need.  Then I download this monthly as part of the qc.
>Andrea J Weiss BST CT (ASCP)
>609 653 3577 Ext 4907
>aweiss <@t> shorememorial.org
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