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And we wonder why people get so p*****d off with Histonet and unsubscribe for long periods of time.................

Get a grip people! Take a pill and calm down!

Terry & Kemlo, it was brought up previously about the difference in humor on both sides on the Atlantic. Even though many parts of the country are well exposed to British TV, especially British comedies, much of the humor is lost on them. 

There is also a great difference in demands placed on histology labs & personnel in the US. The turn-around-times that exist in the UK at present, just aren't tolerated over here.

Is everything a bowl of cherries over here? Absolutely not, but staff have to work under the expectations and constraints that are placed/forced on them.

To all the Americans that get involved and respond with outbursts - lighten up! Life is too short to send your blood pressure up 20 points over something as trivial as this.

I feel competent to qualify these statements because I worked in Scotland for 18 years, 4 in Middle East, and 16 years in the US.

Well I've said my piece; I'm signing off for another couple of months till peoples egos subside and we can get back to the purpose Histonet was established.

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Nobody has said anything snide, or put anybody down.
Your post is typical of those lacking a sense of humour, and who think being professional is synonymous with being formal.
It is not.


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We are supposed to be professionals.  What we post are real issues in our situation and ask for help.  Professionals don't make snide remarks and put down our colleagues.  If we think that it will raise our stature as professionals when we make a joke and condescending comments on things that we need help on, we are greatly mistaken. A wise man once said "if you have nothing good to say about anything - shut up".  We need to understand that each situation is different - who are we to judge?  We post a real issue in our own situation and we don't need "smart" colleagues make a joke of our situation. Do we want to be treated as professionals - then let us communicate as professionals.

No snide remarks or condescending comments - PLEASE!!! - Help and good ideas are welcome - if you have nothiing to contribute to the issue at hand - please don't waste your (and ours) valuable time with useless comments.


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Would you be so kind and explain, why you have to do a short run. Are these indeed NTX-biopsies, that need a report as fast as possible?
Or is it just the fear to over-process the biopsies?

We have ntx from time to time, but even then, the clinicians wait for the report until the next day, noon. So we can process the biopsies with our regular histo and do the specialstains (Jones, PAS, Congored, EvG, SFOG = kind of trichrome), immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence. 
We process the needlebiopsies in sponges and with the regular 13-hour protocol. Regarding IHC a fixation-time under 6 hours could also drive to problems.

Gudrun Lang
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Yes they are agitated. And the tearing problem that I originally described is fairly infrequent. It's just that when it does happen we can't figure out why. When it does happen nothing that we can see is any different than any other day. Nothing in common as far as collection site either. I am beginning to think more and more that it may be on days that we have 5 or 6 bxs that are all run together. But even then it is not every bx. I think we will take better steps to prevent solution carryover and see what happens.
Of course it is so infrequent that we have this problem that it will be months before we can say that we "fixed" the problem. I would still like to compare times with others out there though. So please share your times for hand processing.

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For hand processing at room temperature that schedule is too short, unless the samples are agitated.
René J.

"Marshall Terry Dr, Consultant Histopathologist"
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Do you have a train to catch?


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We have been having some trouble with the inner surface of the tubules looking torn look to the tissue. We hand process all our kidney bx's with the times as follows.

1-formalin 15 minutes
2-50% ethanol 15 minutes
3-70% ethanol 15 minutes
4-80% ethanol 15 minutes
5-95% ethanol 15 minutes
6-100% ethanol 15 minutes
7-100% ethanol 15 minutes
9-xylene 15 minutes
10-xylene 15 minutes
Parraffin x2, 20 minutes each. 
They are then cut at 1 micron for PAS & JONES and 2 microns for H&E & TRICHROME. 

We are trying to determine if this tearing is an artifact from processing, collection or some other factor we haven't thought of. Has anyone else come across this or a similar problem. All thoughts and suggestions welcome.

Jennifer Saunders HT (ASCP)
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