[Histonet] Train to catch?Yes!

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Wed Mar 19 13:19:11 CDT 2008

Life is so interesting! You can tell where people are coming from by their Histonet emails. In fact, you can see?their professional lives?unfold before you! Jennifer Saunders asked about processing artefacts in renal biopsies. She is using a "short run" schedule so she is probably processing transplant renal biopsies. She probably has a transplant surgeon and a renal pathologist breathing down her neck. They are all wondering why the creatine clearance is high and the patient is not producing urine. Maybe a kidney rejection case. Maybe the patient needs dialysis or another kidney.
Then there is Dr Terry Marshall. He is wondering why use a rapid processing schedule. 
All very interesting! And its not Friday yet!

Mike Titford
USA Pathology
Mobile AL USA

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