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Mon Mar 17 09:45:52 CDT 2008

I am working with our information systems staff in setting up an electronic ordering system for surgical specimens.   Most of our tissue specimens come with a written req and we would like to try to set up something in the order system so that an electronic req. can be printed with each specimen.   In addition if it was put into the system then we would have a mechanism to track the ordering.   Right now the floors and hospital departments can put a "message" into the system but this doesn't come up on a log anywhere.  In addition it does not print a req.    All of the clinical lab has a system for electronic orders but as usual surgical pathology is lagging behind.

I know there are pathology groups out there thinking, why not use a different system like copath, etc.    There are others that are in the real world that know we have to use the system that the entire hospital has purchased.   We are currently using Cerner Classic Pathnet and will change to Cerner Millenium.    The hospital uses Cerner Millenium with Powerchart, etc.

The guys from IT have asked me to check with colleagues to see how others have set up this system.   Has anybody set this up in their lab and do you have any contacts that I can send my IT geeks to?    I am sure we are behind in the computer electronic world.

Thanks for your help.

Jim Vickroy
Memorial Medical Center
Springfield, IL.

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