[Histonet] Texas Society for Histotechnology Symposium/Convention April 18-20, 2008

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Hi Histonetters! 
The Texas Society for Histotechnology will be hosting the annual Symposium/Convention, April 18-20, 2008 at the DFW Hilton Lakes, 1800 Hwy 26, Grapevine,Texas.  Golf Tournanment will be hosted on April 17, 2008 at 1:00pm to register for golf contact mhale <@t> carisdx.com .  If you would like a copy of the program or more information please reply to this e-mail.

Workshops include:

WS 1:  

Small Specimen Management (In a Large Volume World): Skip Brown, M.Div., HT (ASCP)

WS 2: 

 A Review of the Human Cell and an Introduction to Cell Injury: Mark Bailey, MA, HT (ASCP)

WS 3: 

Are You Prepared to Take the HT (ASCP) Registry Exam: Robert Lott, BS., HTL(ASCP)

WS 4:

Cytology for Histotechnologist: From Tissue to Liquids and Everything in Between: T.W. Crook, M.D. and Thuy Ardaman, M.D.

WS 5: 

Laboratory Safety-What You Need to Know: Jason Burill, Histology Manager

WS 6: 

HQUIP: Freida L. Carson, PhD; Sue E. Lewis, BS, HTL(ASCP)

WS 7: 

Principles of Grossing: Steve Eagle, RS, PA/ASCP eligible 

WS 8: 

Introduction to Immunos: Bonnie Whitaker, HT (ASCP)QIHC

WS 9:

Is Your Tissue Processor Fighting You? Fight Back: Pam Marcum HT(ASCP)

WS 10:

LEADERSHIP JAZZ: Developing Alignment & Synchronicity in Lab Operations: Skip Brown, M. Div., HT(ASCP)

WS 11:

Troubleshooting Immunohistochemistry: Bonnie Whitaker, HT(ASCP) QIHC

WS 12: 

Microwave Technology.  What is it Good for….Absolutely Everything: Donna Willis, HT/HTL(ASCP) 

WS 13:

Personality Types in the Histology Laboratory: Glenda Hood, BS, HT (ASCP)

WS 14:

New Advances in Immunohistochemistry Staining: Tommy Reese, HT (ASCP) 

WS 15: 

A Pathologist looks at the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ: Kevin McQuaid, M.D.


Symposium #1

What Every Histotechnologist and Pathologist Needs to Know about Technical Immunohistochemistry: Rodney T. Miller, M.D.

Symposium #2

Transmission Electron Microscopy: Elma Cortinis, BS, HT (ASCP)

Symposium #3

Histochemical Stains for the Evaluation of GI Tract and Liver Disease- What They Are and How They Are Used in Daily Practice: Shari Taylor, M.D.

Symposium #4

Immunohistochemistry in the Analysis of Forensic Evidence from a Double Homicide in New Zealand:  The Lundy Case, Rodney T. Miller, M.D. 

Symposium #5

Forensic Pathology Overview:  Joseph M. Guileyardo, M.D



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