[Histonet] mounting medium

Nancy Schmitt nancy_schmitt <@t> pa-ucl.com
Thu Mar 13 13:54:53 CDT 2008

Hi to all

Looking for information about the difference between High Viscosity (280)
and Low Viscosity (60) Mounting mediums.  High viscosity is used for Cyto
slides as it is thicker and easier to use with the cyto smears that are
often times thicker.  We also have some cyto slides that are coverslipped
with the lower viscosity medium.  Does anyone know of any long term affects?
Any cloudiness issues with the thicker medium?  Is there any reason why we
can't use the low viscosity medium (60) for all slides?

Thanks for your help
Nancy Schmitt
Histology Coordinator
Dubuque, Iowa

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