[Histonet] Book for Fluorescent Staining

Bobrowitz, Carol cbobrowi <@t> mcw.edu
Wed Mar 12 10:39:57 CDT 2008



I am looking for a book or information booklet pertaining strictly to
fluorescent staining.

Something on the order of Dako' s immunohistochemical staining book or
C.M. vander Loos's multiple staining book.

Even a web page reference would be helpful.


I know Galye Callis is giving a workshop this summer in New Mexico,
unfortunately I can not attend.

Hopefully she will be giving this workshop in Pittsburg.


Any information that you can provide me will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance for your help.


Carol Ann Bobrowitz

Department of Physiology

Medical College of Wisconsin



cbobrowi <@t> mcw.edu

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