[Histonet] Quality of equipment

Joe Nocito jnocito <@t> satx.rr.com
Tue Mar 11 17:40:41 CDT 2008

I must air a pet peeve that has come up recently. Have you noticed since all the buy-outs, hostile takeovers and mergers that the quality of the equipment has deteriorated? We purchased two new stainers and received them in December 2007. Since we received them, either one or both have been broken for one reason or another. I'm talking major problems like the machine getting hung up, the arm loosing its position and coming down on top of a reagent container, parts falling off, etc. To the company's credit, they did replace one machine this week, but, did this need to happen at all?
    We have had a demo coverslipper for 5 weeks that we can't use because it is broken and the company hasn't sent out anyone to fix it. Hmmmmmmm, makes me want to go out and purchase two of these models.
    At my last place of employment, two of the same machines kept breaking down. I had (no exaggeration) 1/2 inch of repair receipts with in one year and as far as I know, that machine is still there.
    These are different machines from different companies. It seems that the quality is just not there any more. Is anyone else experiencing this or is it just a Nocito thing? I know, I left myself open on that one.

Joe "the Toe" please don't flame me Nocito 

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