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we used to dry our slides in a "regular" incubator or oven with air
circulation. We had six "places" to put the slide-racks. Three on the lower
and three on the upper "floor" in the oven.
We also had six clocks standing beside in two rows. And each place of the
clock referred to a place in the oven. The laboratory-aid had to register,
what clock had rung and put the rack out of the oven for deparaffination. -
a continious flow untill we were ready with cutting.
Now we have the Leica-Stainer with oven and the lab-aids can turn to other
The air-circulation in the dryer is an important feature. Without the
drying-time was 35-45 min 60°C, with circulation is was 25 min and the
slides stick very well on the glass.

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Does anyone have a model of slide dryer that works well for them and a
supplier name. We a presently using small individual dryers. I can't
seem to find any of these and am unsure how people are tracking slides
in and out of the larger dryers where multiple users would use the same

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