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My question has little to do with histology, but hopefully someone on here has a clue in my dilemna.  I am interested in getting a Dewar for holding straws of livestock semen in!  The bottom line is that Dewars are either holding hundreds of straws which is way larger than what i need.  then tehre are numerous dewars that are for storing liquid N.  

The most I might have is 5-10 straws at any given time, and I'm only looking to store for a month or two (waiting for goats to go in heat).  So, any advice?  I've been watching the used dewars on various sites, but it seems that none that specifically say they are for semen straws go for less than $300!  

Thanks for the spot of help! :)

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Hi Guys, 

Just wanted to clarify the workshop fees on our Region III/GSH program.
Registrations I am receiving tell me it was not stated clearly.  I will have
a revised copy on our website in a day or so at www.histosearch.com/gsh.  

The fee is $40 per workshop for members, $55 per workshop for non-members,
and $25 per workshop for students. Also one can only take three workshops in
all, not all 5, because 1 and 2 run concurrently, as does 4 and 5.  

Thanks for your patience. 

Shirley Powell
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