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Mon Mar 3 10:52:07 CST 2008

Dear Roxanne:
  Yes, one of the slides will be for an H&E. I was subscribed to this program for years and it is a very good one.
  Note that sometimes not all the blank slides come from the same block, so what we did was, after looking at the H&E and have an idea what we were dealing with, the best slides were used with the most "relevant" Abs for the type of lesion. Also one that was not that good was used for negative (just one/case, not per Ab).
  Take a deep breath and plan it carefully, the analysis you are going to receive (that will include the "generally accepted" diagnosis) will be very enlightening.
  Good luck!
René J.

godsgalnow <@t> aol.com wrote:
  Ok,? I do not want do sound like a doofus, but this is the first time that we have signed up for the MK (IHC) survey from CAP.? It came with a bunch of slides and a list to check off the Antibodies that you used, etc.? My question is (as dumb as this may sound), we have to stain one of them for an H&E first, right?

Go ahead and say it, I can take it...I won't remember it anyway, I am all doped up on TheraFlu.

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