[Histonet] IF on paraffin material

Dr. med. Frauke Neff nefff <@t> staff.uni-marburg.de
Wed Jun 18 12:20:40 CDT 2008

Dear Histonetters!
I'm trying for several weeks to get the Immunofluorescence on paraffin material
started, but it does not work.
Maybe my slides are to thick with 3µm?
Or maybe its because I use an inverted Microscope for havind a look on the
slides? Does the excitation not penetrate the tissue and do the not glow like i
expect them to do? Because if I use IF on cells fixed with PFA, it works fine.
Does anyone of you have an idea on that problem or can provide me with a
protocol that works fine? (I currently use the abcam protocol on their

I thank you all in advance for your help,


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