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I use thermo slides and I do not have any tissue folowing off.&nbsp; I use them in mohs and in routine.

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     Good labeler concept, but it is a victim of a really bad proprietary
issue. It is unfortunate that the only company that I have found that makes
Colormark slides (or anything like them) is Erie Scientific. (Suggestions
anyone?) They have terrible quality control. Tissue is constantly falling
off our slides (yes, the expensive charged ones) there have been scratches
down the center of many of them.
     We are now using adhesive in the float baths in spite of using the
charged slides. I would rather deal with background staining than tissue
falling off. Thermo has offered to replace bad slides, but who will replace
the time it takes to cut them not to mention the wasted tissues.
     If I had known I would be going through this with the slides I would
not have bought the labeler.

I wish you the best with this,
Amos Brooks

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We have just gotten a slide etcher from Thermo, manufactured by RA Lamb,
very simple to use, no ink!
Small footprint to boot (no pun intended!)

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