[Histonet] NSH Histology Task Analysis and Standards of Perfo rmance Competen cy

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Hello Vinnie:

Thank you for responding to this matter. I'd like to assure you that I am
indeed a member of NSH. You may want to conduct your search under my
unmarried name Tanisha Neely.

It was not my intent to cause a problem or imply something negative about
NSH. I love the work that you do and I would encourage anyone in our field
to become a member. However, I have sent 2 separate requests for these items
by email and made one request by phone (I was told the person who handled
this wasn't in). I have yet to receive a response.

Thank you again for yours.


Tanisha Neely McKnight

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In reviewing the messages of this thread I came across Tanisha's

I'd like to reiterate that the Task Analysis is available only to NSH

Tanisha's message gives the impression that NSH has been unresponsive to
her. I am writing to clear the record and to assist her.

Tanisha is not listed as a current member according to the NSH member
directory. If this information is incorrect Tanisha, please contact the
NSH office to have these records corrected. If you are unsuccessful in
getting this issue resolved, I invite you to phone me directly and I
will be happy to intercede on your behalf. I've listed my phone number
in my signature at the bottom of these remarks.

For those of you who might find the Task Analysis of value but are not
members, I would encourage you to consider affiliating with the society.
Dues are very affordable ($60) and there are many resources available to
members that you will find desirable and helpful to you in your work. We
have many programs and are working diligently on behalf of NSH members
throughout the year. We are happy to assist you in meeting your
professional goals.

Vinnie Della Speranza
President, National Society for Histotechnology
(843) 792-6353

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Hello Histo-netters:

Would anyone happen to have an electronic copy of NSH Histology Task
Analysis and The Standards of Performance/Competency that you could send
to me? I am in desperate need of these items. I've contacted NSH for
these twice, but I have gotten no response.

I'd greatly appreciate anything you could send.

Tanisha N. McKnight, HT (ASCP)
Covance CLS Indianapolis
Specimen Management, Anatomic Pathology

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