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Fri Jun 6 13:33:28 CDT 2008

I don't believe the rules have changed.  Unless they changed in the last
few weeks. 

I just sent verification for one of my techs to take the HTL in the last
2 months and had no problems.  We are a large Pharma, our lab is all Vet
There are at least 21 Vet schools in the US and a State Diagnostic lab
in every State in the country. 

My HT goes back to 1982 and my HTL and IHC are from the 2003 and 2005.
The VIR group of the NSH is a large group of Registered techs. 

We have always been covered under the same ASCP.  There is no
distinction between human and animal. In fact, when grading the
practical (that was discontinued) in the last 10 years or so the ASCP
always had a vet path and histo tech from VIR on the grading committee.
I believe Liz was a grader.

You should call ASCP again and set them strait, maybe I will!

Mary Gessford BA,HT,HTL(ASCP)IHC
Scientist II Supervisor
Anatomic Pathology
Summit, NJ

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Okay, I finally have something to Fume about. I am beginning to train a
person to become a certified histologist. She is a certified veterinary
tech with an Associates Degree and the appropriate number of
chemistry/biology hours. I inquired of ASCP about her eligibility (after
we finish the training period) to take the HT exam. According to ASCP,
as a vet diagnostic lab, we do not meet the ASCP requirements for
eligibility because we are not accredited by CAP, JCAHO/AABB and do not
have a board-certified (read "human") pathologist/medical scientist
(hmmm? Could one of our veterinary pathologists fulfill the description
of "medical scientist"??). Surely there are other persons working in a
veterinary pathology lab that would be interested in certification, one
would think. What are they to do? This frosts my petunias and I'd like
to know if anyone has any experience or input on this. But - hey! - some
of my fluids/solutions in gallon/liter containers seem to have been
improved so they don't drip, so maybe someone out there IS listening
(that was my first Friday Hour of Fuming subject).  Hasta lumbago.


Sally Breeden, HT(ASCP)

NM Dept. of Agriculture

Veterinary Diagnostic Services

PO Box 4700

Albuquerque, NM  87106



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