[Histonet] Veterinary Histologist Certification Eligibility

Breeden, Sara sbreeden <@t> nmda.nmsu.edu
Fri Jun 6 13:03:39 CDT 2008

That's a mouthful!  Anyway - thank you to those who responded to me. I
searched out a board-certified pathologist (non-veterinary) who works in
our building (we share a State of NM building with OMI and the State
Laboratory) and he was as astounded as I.  I appreciate the feedback
about writing a letter to BOR requesting a "waiver" for a veterinary
situation and I will try that when the time comes. Our lab, in
anticipation of our new building (2010) is operating under conditional
AALVD certification but certainly not under CAP/JCHAO. I'm thinking of
asking for a definition of "medical scientist" from the ASCP.  The saga
continues, but "where there's a will, there's a way".  One would think
anyone who is interested in becoming a certified histologist would
receive the maximum amount of encouragement, from the employer AND the
certifying agency.  Perhaps it's time for a review of the requirements
or at least of the definition of an employer's validity to provide
appropriate training, hmmm???  Mr. Della Speranza, do you have a take on


It is not my goal here to fluster, annoy, or pester. It's just that I'm
beginning to see a certain amount of reluctance on the part of those
institutions whose interest should be to encourage the growth of our
profession. Now that my aim is to interest local mid-high and high
school forensic science students in a detour to the Paraffin Side, I
have a path littered with roadblocks. If our profession had the same PR
firm that the anti-tobacco industry had, we'd be up to our earlobes in
histotechs (did that come out right?).


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