[Histonet] Vibratome mounted sections falling,

Alonso Martinez-Canabal alonso.martinezcanabal <@t> utoronto.ca
Thu Jun 5 13:30:44 CDT 2008

   I need desperate help. I cut and mounted 40microns brain section using a
vibratome on poly-l-lysine slides, a lot of them. Once in a while a try to
do immunohistochemistry and was ok. So, for some reason, now, time to make
the big experiment the sections are falling of in the antigen retrieval
procedured (citrate buffer, boiling water). I have tried to dry them in
alcohols, in the oven, fixation again, all has been useless, and without the
AR  i do not have the quality of staining that I (and my proud boss)
observed before. Please, some help here

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