[Histonet] cryogen tape system

Viorica Lascau viorica.lascau <@t> polymtl.ca
Thu Jun 5 12:48:30 CDT 2008

Hi everyone,

 I am wondering if somebody is using window tape system and adhesive 
coated slides (from Instrumedics Inc) for osteochondral cryosections and 
how you get ride of the stick which remains on the sections (as an 
opaque spot) before doing immunohistochemistry?

I tried acetone for 5 min but it did not work.

I guess some stick from  window tape remain on tissue as a thin layer 
which does not allow the antibody to rich the epitopes.

I think this problem came from the tape because when I did 
immunohistochemistry ( ex.collagen II ) on cryosections without tape, 
the staining was perfect, but unfortunately the sections do not remain 
on the slides or the bone marrow go a way if I do not use tape

Need suggestions, help

Thanks a lot Vicky



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