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I have to second what Linda has posted. When I 
was in high school I used to go to work with my 
Mom in the summer. She worked as a unit clerk at 
our local hospital in McKeesport. She had a 
friend who was the supervisor of the histology 
lab and she let me come down to "see" what went 
on there. After that I always wanted to work in a 
lab and I did and I still am and I'm old too!
My daughter was a Candystriper when she was in 
high school and she would come to work with me 
and until her job started she would come to my 
lab and help out by labeling, logging, etc. She 
got to see what Mom did and like Dr. McCormick I 
think it was a good thing having your kids 
understand what it is that you do everyday at work.
Now for the jerk thing - I've been there too and 
I admit that you are between a rock and a hard 
place. I prayed for the guy and it ended up he 
got fired! Never estimate the power of prayer?


At 07:19 AM 6/5/2008, Blazek, Linda wrote:
>As a 15 and 16 year old I spent summers in a 
>histo/cyto lab and fell in love (with the 
>lab).  I have been in the lab ever since and I'm 
>old now!  The techs and the pathologist took 
>time with me and showed me a world that I would 
>never have known.  Both of my children had the 
>opportunity to spend some time in the lab as 
>well as my grand daughter.  They have all 
>benefited from the experience.  I think you have 
>the opportunity to show the pathologist daughter 
>something important even if he is a jerk.
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> >From an interested Pathologist:
>I think you are building a bomb to attack an mouse!
>When our son and daughter were 14 and 15 years 
>old I was proud to have them VOLUNTEER 
>(non-paid) service to the our laboratory. First 
>to meet the fine people who worked in the 
>department. Second to learn about "dad's work", 
>and third to develop a sense of appreciation for our work in serving others.
>The children benefited by the social 
>relationship and grew in responsibility by 
>graduating from tasks of simple "go for's", observers,  awarded responsibility.
>They were not permitted to prepare patient 
>materials but they were, over a period of summer 
>volunteer effort, taught to make a collection of 
>their own slides and even to do a frozen section.
>The experience is a treasured memory and valued 
>experience for the Pathologist and his family 
>and for the bonding of employees who for that 
>period were extended members of the family.
>Our son is now completing his residency in 
>orthopaedic Surgery and our daughter is a junior 
>officer in a New York company where she has 
>employees reporting to her service.
>I continue to communicate with the lab employees 
>and they always ask .....tell us how your son 
>and daughter are doing and send them our love.
>The well operated pathology lab is no more 
>dangerous than a high school biology and chemistry laboratory.
>I believe you would do yourself,the lab.,the 
>pathologist and the 15 year old a great service 
>by reexamining the situation in a more generous 
>and understanding way. If you are at odds with 
>the pathologist.... take time to visit with him 
>and structure a helping and learning experience 
>for the young lady who just happens to be your bosses daughter.
>Ask the young lady to observe and take notes for 
>a week. Chart the path of a patient specimen 
>from the beginning through the final diagnosis. 
>Write (required) a report of the reason the 
>specimen was sent to the lab. The complete 
>process/path of the specimen through the lab,and 
>the final result/diagnosis for the patient's benefit.
>If the 15 year old does this there will be a 
>change in the climate and "dad" will be amazed 
>at what you contribute to the process of health 
>care and to the maturing of his daughter.
>Just a few thoughts from a Pathologist and dad 
>with success written in the log of his children 
>and their bonding to the profession.
>Sincerely, and in the spirit of helping.
>Please give a copy of this note to your pathologist.
>Kindest regards,
>J.B.McCormick, M.D.
>jmccormi <@t> schosp.org
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>Here is how I see your problem:
>   1- you have already contacted the Child and 
> Labor Dept. about this issue, so it is very 
> likely (if they are doing their job) that the 
> will "pay a visit" to the lab and talk with the pathologist.
>   2- if that is what is going to happen you are going to be in trouble.
>   3- as the "youngster's" trainer you are 
> accomplice to the violation, because you know her age and keep training her.
>   4- if this pathologist is also calling names 
> to others, he is an absolute jerk that thinks 
> is owner, not only of the place, but of the world.
>   5- I don't think this is the right place to 
> work so sooner or later you should try to find a new place to work.
>   6- if that is going to be how this whole 
> issue is going to end, I think that you should 
> do what is correct and tell him that you are 
> not willing to participate in violating the 
> laboral laws and stop training his daughter.
>   You will sleep better and perhaps this fellow 
> will realize that he is doing something wrong 
> and that you are not willing to accept the situation.
>   At least that is what I would do. Consult 
> with some close friend or family member and 
> present a formal complaint with Child Labor 
> BEFORE doing #6. If he fires you because of 
> this then you will have PROOF that you 
> complained against him because of a law 
> violation and will be able to claim 
> unemployment, even if he says that you were 
> fired for "work substandard performance", you 
> will have proof that this is not the case, but revenge against you.
>   Good luck!
>René J.
>Karla Arrington <freckles9660 <@t> yahoo.com> wrote:
>   Histo's:
>I have roughly 2 dilemmas.  The first is of a 
>legal matter.  The Pathologist for a week has 
>had his daughter (15 years old), helping
>me out in the histology lab.  He wants her to 
>get training from me, then do the on-line HT 
>program.  She has handled chemicals
>and reagents.  I am very uncomfortable with 
>this.  I have called the Child Labor Laws 
>department for our state and it is illegal
>for a 15 year to be in a laboratory. Needless to 
>say working with blood borne pathogens.  My most 
>concern is the following.  As her "teacher",
>can I or other co-workers can be held 
>accountable if this is illegal and is found out? 
>This pathologist mind you is the owner of the business.
>I am afraid if I say something, I will get 
>fired. Where do I go from here or if there is 
>someone who has a similar circumstance happen to them.
>The other scenario is that this same Pathologist 
>has called a tech a slandering name, 
>twice.  There is no "upper management" to go to
>since he is the owner of the business. I was 
>wondering if this is considered harassment and 
>can this be used to nullify a contract signed
>by both parties for employment.
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