[Histonet] Legality of work

Karla Arrington freckles9660 <@t> yahoo.com
Wed Jun 4 18:37:47 CDT 2008

I have roughly 2 dilemmas.  The first is of a legal matter.  The Pathologist for a week has had his daughter (15 years old), helping
me out in the histology lab.  He wants her to get training from me, then do the on-line HT program.  She has handled chemicals
and reagents.  I am very uncomfortable with this.  I have called the Child Labor Laws department for our state and it is illegal 
for a 15 year to be in a laboratory. Needless to say working with blood borne pathogens.  My most concern is the following.  As her "teacher", 
can I or other co-workers can be held accountable if this is illegal and is found out? This pathologist mind you is the owner of the business.  
I am afraid if I say something, I will get fired. Where do I go from here or if there is someone who has a similar circumstance happen to them. 
The other scenario is that this same Pathologist has called a tech a slandering name, twice.  There is no "upper management" to go to
since he is the owner of the business. I was wondering if this is considered harassment and can this be used to nullify a contract signed
by both parties for employment. 
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