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During my workshop in Denver 'how to make a new antibody work for IHC?' 
I showed the audience a picture taken from the paper of Shi, Liu and 
Taylor in J Histochem Cytochem 55:105-109, 2007. In this paper there is 
the result shown of a fixation experiment from 6 hs to 30 days. 
According to the images presented there is no loss of Her2 within that 
time frame.

Chris van der Loos, PhD
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The link below might be of interest. The article cites an interesting 
study by Arber in 2002 (Arber DA. Effect of prolonged formalin fixation 
on the immunohistochemical reactivity of breast markers. Appl 
Immunohistochem Mol Morphol. 2002;10:183-186.). He demonstrated that 
prolonged fixation of breast tissues in formalin for 7-14 days did not 
significantly affect immunoreactivity of Her2. I have not been able to 
get the full article yet -- I would appreciate receiving a PDF of it.


I am currently growing Her2 expressing cells in cell culture and plan 
to examine the effect of formalin fixation time and paraffin embedding 
on immnunoreactivity by IHC. Basically, I am making some control Her2 
paraffin blocks for validation purposes.

Keith Danielson, PhD
Department of Pathology
Pennsylvania Hospital
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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