[Histonet] advice about microtomes please!

Patty Dunlop pdunlop720 <@t> gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 20:32:39 CST 2008

Hello again,

I appreciate all responses about microtome of choice.  I would like to ask
for guidance on my specific situation.  In my facility, I will be sectioning
approximately 25-30 blocks/day of GI (upper and lower) tissue (mostly
biopsies and some polyps) and possibly prostate.  I have never used a manual
microtome and do not know how repetitive it can be.  In terms of ergonomics
with worries of repetitive motion and carpel tunnel, should I try to
convince my boss to get a motorized microtome, or will a manual suffice?  I
know that motorized microtomes are probably twice as expensive, and although
I would feel more comfortable using the same one that I am used to, maybe it
would be "going overboard" to get the motorized in my situation.

Advice please!


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