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I happen to have the lot number of the santa cruz antibody that works in
paraffin.  Its quite a nice antibody and whats also nice is that is
cross reacts across multiple species, in my hands it stains human,
mouse, rat, rabbit, canine, and porcine tissues, basically everything I
have tried it on.  I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out of
it, I use it at a concentration of 1:800 so it will last me for awhile
yet.  We also will use CD34 and Factor VII to stain vessels, but I
suspect that a good portion of my clients like to use the CD-31 or
PECAM-1 because of its use in the literature.  Serotec has a nice CD34
that works in murine FFPE tissues and we also use the dako CD34 on human
tissue samples, but I'm not aware of an antibody to CD34 that cross
reacts with rat.  We have factor VIII from both abcam and dako, they are
nice antibodies that cross react across multiple species too.  I think I
read somewhere that very new cappilaries do not stain with factor VIII
and thats why people prefer the CD-31 also.


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Just out of interest, why do you want to use Pecam 1?
 I have not been able to get same sc Ab to work on FFPW sections of
mouse/rat endothelial cells.
However, I understand that it is also positive for non-endothelial cells
so, is this the best marker for endothelial cells?
Any views on using anti CD34, Aquaporin, VWF on mouse/rat FFPW sections
to detect capillaries?
Can anti laminin be used instead?

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