[Histonet] O.C.T. embedding vs. freezing of unembedded samples

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Fri Jan 25 09:31:24 CST 2008

The purpose of OCT is to support the tissue during cryotomy.  I have done it 
both ways and anything I have snap frozen without embedded will be embedded 
in OCT prior to sectioning.   Snap freezing of tissue can be done either 
way, but we like OCT surrounding the tissue for sectioning, it also gives 
the handle for those using brush technique versus antiroll device.  If we do 
not fill mouse lung and then support it with OCT, the sections and cryotomy 
are terrible.

We also like the OCT around the tissues (blocks) for -80C storage for murine 
animal model immunostaining purposes.

Gayle M. Callis
Bozeman MT 59715

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Hi there,

I have been wondering about the advantages (or disadvantages) of embedding 
tissue in O.C.T. before snap-freezing in liquid nitrogen when compared to 
snap-freezing the "naked" tissue.
I do use O.C.T. before freezing, but when recently asked why, I found no 
better answer than "it seems to be what most people do..."
I would be most grateful for any explanations!
(My tissue blocks are used for immunohistochemical stainings later on)

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