[Histonet] Re: HER2 fixation time

Dr. Hadi Yaziji ancillarypath <@t> mac.com
Thu Jan 24 12:33:08 CST 2008


Once you read the published article in the January issue of the  
Archives of Pathology and Lab Medicine (available on the CAP website  
to download for free), you will have a better idea about the extend of  
work the committee has gone through to set the parameters.

Their work is *outstanding*, but it's not perfect, but the outcome is  
safe and badly needed. Your criticism is well taken, but it's not  


On Jan 24, 2008, at 1:12 PM, Rene J Buesa wrote:

> Where can I find the CAP validation tests? What is the level of  
> capriciousness in their protocol?
> Did they quantified or even tested the results for tissues fixed  
> more than 48 hours? Is it that they just work Monday thru Fridays?  
> Did they analyze the administrative and scheduling effects of their  
> protocol? Do they care about that?
> Is this protocol the result of sound and comparative tests during  
> different periods of time, or is just "bug brother" working as  
> histotech now?
> René J.
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