[Histonet] How to bill for additional testing on old cases

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Thu Jan 24 08:38:44 CST 2008

Currently, in order to bill for additional testing that is ordered on old cases, we must have the patient re-register and open a new billing number. Then in CoPath, we give the old case a new surgical number.  A gross descriptions is given....
"Case S08-x is patient name John Doe. Received is one paraffin block labeled S02-x-J sent for additional testing for Her2neu."
This puts the new surgical number on the pathologist's work list to sign out later.  This is the only way we can think of to bill for the additional testing.  The problem is that now the one case has two surgical numbers and the additional testing results are dictated on the new surgical number, not the old one.  IF the old case is ever pulled again for review, the new results will not be shown unless they look at the new surgical number.  The pathologist are not happy about this....
IF anyone is doing things different, PLEASE respond........
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