[Histonet] Decal Bone Antigen retrieval

Igor Deyneko igor.deyneko <@t> gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 12:51:52 CST 2008

Dear histonetters!
I have a question. Recently I have received decaled mouse hind paw joint
slides, which I have to do IHC on. Can anyone advise an antigen retrieval
solution and a method. The current method I use and has been working fine in
the past is as follows:
Either Citrate or DAKO Retrieval solution in a conventional pressure cooker
for 20 minutes , then I would let it stand with the open lid for another 10
minutes, and finally would take the Coplin jars out and let them stand for
an additional 30 mins at RT. Worked fine for tumors. Any ideas for joints???
All suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Igor Deyneko
Infinity Pharmaceuticals
Cambridge, MA 02139

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