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Rowley biochemical sells a kit for Movat's. you can get the whole kit or
individual reagents. WE make our own ferric chloride, alcian blue and
alcoholic hematoxylin then but the rest. They send the procedure aas well.

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I can be found on Members Only webpage/NSH website and as of September, 
retired.  However the Movats pentachrome, rather than trichrome, was the 
protocol from Sheehan and Hrapchak, Theory and Practice of Histotechnology, 
2nd edition. I did this over 20 years ago, but not in recent years.   I know

there are modified and shorter methods than the one I used, and I did it on 
methyl methacrylate embedded  bone, ground sections.

I did the protocol from Sheehan and Hrapchak as theirs was modified for 
methyl methacrylate plastic embedded bone but do not have this on a computer

file.  If you have the textbook, it will be there.   I have seen messages 
(in Archives) which dealt with finding reagents, in particular, Safran du 
Gatinas or saffron which can be purchases in a grocery store.   As for where

to buy some of the dyes, I would be outdated for sources since the stain has

not been done for many years.  We did make our staining reagents in house, 
but you may get lucky finding a staining kit with Poly Scientific or 
Newcomers Supply.

Google Bryan Llewellyn's Stains File website for two Movats protocols which 
should work very well for you, one that uses the saffron from a grocery 
store.   A great website filled with information.   I believe that Histo 
Logic also has a modified Movats publication.

Good luck on your staining.

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> Looking for Gayle Callis. Would you be willing to share your Movats 
> Trichrome protocol and reagent list...including where you purchase them 
> from??
> Thanks in advance,
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