[Histonet] Need information on Mohs billing

Cheryl tkngflght <@t> yahoo.com
Fri Jan 18 11:20:17 CST 2008

Hello all--

A Dermatologist friend is considering adding services to his already-working
clinic.  He is researching the feasability including the training to do
Mohs--I've already pointed him to the Moh's college site and he's still
interested.  Now we need to figure out the numbers...

Has anyone worked up a situation like this recently? Could anyone share with
me the billing codes for Mohs--both technical and professional.  Is there a
cap on number of specimens?  How does this work for the Derm Doc performing
the procedure? Diagnosing the slides?

Any input/education is welcome.  

Thank you!

Cheryl Kerry, HT(ASCP)
Full Staff

Personal email: tkngflght <@t> yahoo.com

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