[Histonet] BrdU/DCX problem

Olek Michalski olek.michalski <@t> nencki.gov.pl
Mon Jan 14 00:39:16 CST 2008

Dear Jon,

2008-01-10 19:11:20 Jonathan Frank <jfrank <@t> med.unc.edu> wrote:

> Thanks for the response.  Do you do 1st primary, 1st secondary, then brdU
> primary, and BrdU secondary?

It is exactly the case. If you like I can ask my coleague, who actually  
worked out the protocol and uses it routinely for a detailed list of  
opertions with some comments. At first glance I see some differences in  
BrdU labelling procedure.

> Also, which BrdU primary antibody do you use?

For BrdU we use antibody from Roche. I don't remember the catalogue no.  
and the characteristics I can found at the moment is a bit old but I  
suppose they offer only one kind.

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