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"Emoticons", weren't  they the  baddies  in  an  early episode of Dr.

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Actually, in my experience, it isn't just a Histonet thing, it's an
ONLINE thing.  No matter what forum or list you're on, there is always
misunderstanding, fights and flaming b/c two crucial things are missing
in online forums: tone of voice and facial expressions. (Yes, even when
those are present, misunderstandings, etc. still occur.)  Emoticons
don't even begin to cut it, and sometimes when a person is reading
something, his/her mood, opinions, experience, etc. will  "color" what's
being read and thus influence the person's understanding of what was
written, which the author never intended and can't control.  I can't
tell you how many times that has happened to me. 

Kathleen Roberts

Dawson, Glen wrote:

>Humor IS shared by both Americans and British, as is misinterpretation,
misunderstanding and becoming indignant/offended over the strangest
>It isn't an Americans vs. the British thing, it's a histonet thing.
Over-reactions are rampant and one should be aware that having a sense
of humor should have a "Use at your own risk" sign when utilizing it on
this forum.  In every group there will always be a number of folks more
interested in attacking what is being said by others rather than
contributing something of their own.  
>Each year this trend gets a bit worse & I find myself "replying to all"
less and less.  Posting to an individual usually causes less of a stir
so that is the road I take much more these days.
>Just my .01 Euros,
>Glen Dawson
>IHC Manager
>Milwaukee, WI
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>It's the humour Robyn, rarely travels well, I sometimes wonder if the 
>difference between Americans and the British is greater than that 
>between men and women.
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