[Histonet] Back up

Martin, Gary gmartin <@t> marshallmedical.org
Tue Jan 8 16:35:13 CST 2008

thank you to all who responded to my request for information concerning
,how to backup our processor during a power failure.  Most of the
suggestions involved a UPS battery backup, which seems to be part of the
solution.   However a battery backup will only provide a small amount of
backup time (ex. 1 battery = 5min ... additional batteries will provide
more mins).  We are a standalone lab that is not inside a bigger
facility so all solutions will need to be accomplished by myself and one
other person, which can be accomplished (I believe), with the UPS, and
the phone alarm.  

This brings me to the first part of my original question; does anyone
know of a California company that can assist me in programming my Tissue
Tek VIP 2000 phone alarm, and provide yearly maintenance on all of my
histology lab equipment. 


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