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Mon Jan 7 13:08:02 CST 2008

Hi Jo Dee,
Your sears model should certainly do the job!  I understand in
pharma/research you may not need to have an extensively recorded QA that
monitors temp on hier.  You could at this point, purchase the temp
strips from biocare...they are made to measure temps under
pressure...like the  autoclave tapes.
You'll just get a single color indiciator on the strip, but it will tell
you the temp got to at least 120'C or 125'C (I can't remember).  At
least you'll have an idea of what's going on inside the chamber, since
the sears cooker most likely doesn't  have a pressure gauge. 
Hope this helps
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

Hello everyone,
I just want to thank all of those who responded to my pressure cooker
question.  I have decided to order a "3-in-1" cooker from Sears.  It is
to be more flexible, it can either steam or pressure cook, as well as
cook (which we won't be doing unless we make BBQ meatballs to go with
beer on Fridays!), so we can try different temperatures and times to
optimize our protocol.  I understand that the "scientific" pressure
are probably more accurate as far as temperature is concerned, but the
is prohibitive which is why I decided to buy the less expensive
Thanks for all of your help and advice,
Jo Dee 

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