AW: [Histonet] histochemistry an extinct art?

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Freida Carson's book is one of the best for self help. If you don't have it you might want to check it out at - there is a text and a workbook. If you have students, this is really good resource. 

I wish that I could say I learned Russian so that I could communicate with you! But that goodness you learned English! 

I am so grateful to Herb and Linda for providing us the tool to share our questions and answers around the world. Thanks again Herb and Linda.

Cheers, Maxim. j:>) 

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We also have Lillie, Pearse and Romeis books
in russain traslations. Most techniqiues we found
here. I learned english, because I need to know
how work other people around the world and
Histonet is one of very valuable resources.

We work with FFPE and FS sections, because
our department to do daily diagnostic work, which
not require most complex methods. But I know, that
in others lab, where do scientific work, use
enzymatic and other techniquies if they need.

Maxim Peshkov

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