[Histonet] HT and HTL Salary Questionaire

Robert Garhart rgarhart <@t> system1.net
Thu Jan 3 13:45:47 CST 2008


I am putting together some info to share with those in the HT and HTL
community but plan to keep all individual information confidential.  I
was hoping that many of you could supply some info on the following few

1. Are you HT or HTL?  Bench/Supervisor/Manager?

2. What region of the country or state are you located?

3. How many years of experience do you have?

4. What is your salary or hourly wage? Do you make overtime? How much?

5. Do you feel that your wage is average, above average, or below

Again, this is to supply to many of groups that I consult with and
individual information will be kept confidential.  I simply want to be
able to be a better guide to those groups as to the going rate within
the HT/HTL community at this time.  The intent is to make sure that when
opportunities arise for change that the salaries provide adequate
opportunity to move forward.  

I appreciate your responses and look forward to having this information
to compile.  

Best Regards, 

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