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Jane C. Moose Jane.Moose <@t> NewberryHospital.net
Mon Dec 29 08:10:33 CST 2008

I know this question repeatedly occurs,  but our tissue processor "died"
last week.  We are a small hospital lab  doing about 2500 cases a year
(6000 specimens.)  Would anyone have a recommendation on a new
processor for our size lab?  An Excelsior was brought in for demo (not
sure what model)  but that one was being discontinued and we were
waiting to see the new model. We were also waiting on a "new"  model VIP
to bring in for demo-but that has not happened yet.   Any advice would
be greatly appreciated.  Thanks Jane


Jane Moose

LIS Coordinator

Newberry County Memorial Hospital

Newberry, SC  29108


F- 803-405-7474


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