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Fri Dec 26 22:57:02 CST 2008

are there any useful histological techniques to stain capillary/blood vessel in brains?
and permit co-immunostaining of other cell markers?

PAS will stain all connective tissues, especially the myelin, thus you have to interpret your data well....?



发件人: Nejat Yilmaz 
发送时间: 2008-12-27  04:44:34 
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主题: [Histonet] Thanks for capillary stain 
Dear All,
I'm very grateful for your kindly efforts. We've decided to stain our 
tissues with PAS. We couldn't perform IHC due to time limitations with the 
study. Because it usually takes about 2 months obtaining appropriate 
antibodies here. Fortunately I'm a member of this society.
I wish you a merry christmas and happy holidays...
Necat Yilmaz 
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