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So any one can provide some cell makers for staining of blood vessels?
I only know CD31.



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There are several stains for capillaries:
1- Campbell and Alexander (tested by Mallory,1938): black agsinst colorless bbackground.
2- Doherty, Suk and Alexander, 1938: differential staining of blood in capillaries.
3- Pickworth, 1934: blood vessels (capillaries) in thick sections of brain.
4- Slominski and Cunge (tested by Romeis, 1948): differential staining of capillaries, and
5- Ziegler 1945 (tested by Riley, 1945): demonstration of capillaries in wholemounts of cornea.
Although developed for other tissues it is very likely that they will work on skeletal muscle.
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Hi All,
We need a protocol demonstrating capillaries in sceletal muscle tissue other
than immunohistochemistry. We're planning to compare number of capillaries
between different experiment groups for evaluating angiogenesis. Is there any
special stain to suggest for this purpose?
Thanks in advance.
Necat Yilmaz 
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