[Histonet] Myelin Stains for LCM

Patten, Nicole (NIH/NIAAA) [F] pattennj <@t> mail.nih.gov
Fri Dec 19 13:38:02 CST 2008


I am trying to find a suitable Myelin stain for LCM that maintains RNA
integrity. I am currently testing Luxol Fast Blue, Oil Red O and
Fluoromyelin but none seem to keep the RNA in tact all that well
(although I am still trying to modify these procedures). My ultimate
goal is to dissect regions of white matter where demyelination has
occurred due to disease. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Also, does anyone know of any Oil Red O procedures that do not require
formalin fixation of the tissue?  I have tried fixing the tissue in
isopropanol with poor histological results. Any suggestions?

Thanks and happy holidays!


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